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Lactase Tablets for Dairy Digestion

By the time we're adults, most of us can no longer digest the lactose in dairy properly.

This often leads to annoying and uncomfortable pains like bloating, gas, stomach cramps, and diarrhoea.

At Leaving Lactose, our tiny, premium strength tablets are the best at digesting dairy for you. Made in the UK, we give your stomach a much needed rest, taking care of any pain that might come from a cheesy meal or creamy dessert. 

What's In Our Tablets?

Our tablets consist of an incredibly effective lactase enzyme, something many adults are no longer able to produce enough of naturally, enabling you to easily process dairy.

Our goal was to create a tasteless, highly effective tablet that's the smallest on the market. Giving you what you need in your day to day life to enjoy the foods you love and forget about your lactose intolerance.

We research, manufacture, and test our lactase from our base in the UK. When it comes to all things dairy, we're here to help answer any questions and keep you living pain-free.

Why Leaving Lactose?

Made in the UK

Researched, manufactured, tested and sold from our base in the UK

High Strength

Our 9000 FCC lactase tablets are the BEST value per strength unit on the market, as well as remaining the smallest at 8mm.

Vegetarian Friendly

Our tablets never include any animal derivatives or by-products. Naturally, we remain gluten free.

Halal Certified

We are the only lactase provider to have full accreditation from The Halal Trust.

Tasty Testimonials

"I don't even consider myself lactose intolerant, but I didn't feel as stodgy or as bloated since taking these, I'll be honest I love my cakes, doughnuts and all things dairy.


So this is a real win. I highly recommend you give these a try. If you eat the sort of stuff I do its a definite must 👍"

"I've had lassi, pastel de nata, mozzarella, paneer, mac and cheese and a cupcake with cream cheese frosting and I'm still feeling fine!

Normally I'd be a goner after one thing! 🙌"

"This is why I love my Leaving Lactose supplements 🙌

I still try to avoid dairy where I can as I'm so used to not having it...

But for times like wanting the best Magnum 🍦 these will save me a week of pain! 😊 🙌"

"For myself IBS has been a trigger with dairy since my operation... since taking these tablets, they have 100% improved things 😊 I get no pain, no bubbly guts and no running to the loo! The dry skin on my face has also cleared up and I've been able to sleep deeper and longer 😍"