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Living with Lactose | Issue I

Living with Lactose | Issue I

May 2021 | Issue I
Living with Lactose 101
Hello Dairy Dreamers 🙇🏽‍♂️
After such a hectic month with launch and the world finally opening up, we’d like to warmly welcome you to the first ever issue of our weekly series!!
we'll be giving you a milky landslide of content - full of advice, tips and hints on how to best deal with dairy 🐮
In our first weekly series, we'll be looking at:
➕ why lactose can be so uncomfortable
➕ just how many of us neglect our dairy digestion
➕ how taste and lactose are a match made in heaven
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There's a million ways to maximise one of the world’s most basic, yet important pleasures, and we're here to guide you and keep you informed every step of the way 🌍
Losing Lactase: The Facts
If you have been following any of our channels so far, you’ll know we’re focused on ensuring the world knows that you don’t need to be diagnosed by a doctor as “lactose intolerant”, to know you have issues digesting dairy!
As humans, we tend to wait until something gets too bad until we fix it. The same applies to our dairy digestion, as many of us are experiencing small amounts of discomfort every single day, even though this is completely avoidable.
Well, digesting dairy is actually something we were all good at once 😎 as babies, we rely on our mother’s milk to give us essential nutrients and help us grow.
Just like our body uses other enzymes to break down certain foods, we need a specific enzyme to break down the sugar in milk. It might take some time to get them the right way round, but lactose is the sugar in milk, and lactase is the essential enzyme for digestion that breaks it down ⚡
As babies, we continue to pump out lactase enzyme to deal with the abundance of milk we enjoy early on 😋 but as we get older, and milk becomes less and less the main focus of our meals, our bodies naturally forget to keep us protected, and our ability to produce lactase decreases permanently!
The Numbers
Unfortunately, this reduction in lactase production continues to get worse 🥵 by the time we are adults, the British Nutrition Foundation estimate up to 70% of the world’s population suffer from lactose intolerance.
That would mean up to 5.5 billion people around the world are not digesting dairy properly 😮
Finding Solutions
The presence of dairy products in our daily lives is obvious, from pizza to burritos, butter and latté’s, lactose is everywhere, making it impossible to miss. Luckily, no one said we needed to 🤩
Science has made it possible to extract hugely effective lactase enzymes from nature so that we can supplement our body with what it is missing and allow it to digest the lactose for us!
Given our focus in aiding dairy digestion, we specialise in making tablets just like these 🥳 giving us the ability to handle all the dairy we put in our body and digest it well so that we have one less thing to worry about 💭
Funnily enough, lactose free milk is just regular milk with lactase added to it 🙂 the same applies to any lactose free cheese you may see in supermarkets!
The Taste Difference
Whilst lactose-free options may appear to be the obvious choice, they suffer from two quite significant drawbacks:
A. They lack the sugar in milk, meaning they also lack a lot of taste!
Many foods even use lactose as a flavouring agent, such as Wotsits or Canderel!
B. The options are limited!
Dairy gives us too many possibilities to be limited to just lactose-free options.
Meaning hundreds of cheeses and desserts (camembert, profiteroles etc.) are not covered by the simple milk and cheddar options currently available.
The solution is so simple we started a business just so we could focus on it 😎 supplying high quality lactase tablets that ensure you’re prepared for any indulgence, and any occasion, that life might throw at you! 🥳✨
We hope we’ve managed to give some dairy enlightenment on such a dull Tuesday!
See you next week Dairy Dreamers 🤩