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Living with Lactose | Issue III

Living with Lactose | Issue III

May 2021 | Issue III
Living with Lactose 101
Good Afternoon Dairy Dreamers 🙇🏽‍♂️
Welcome back to our third instalment of our weekly series, Living with Lactose!
In case you’re one of our new subscribers, we'll be giving you a milky landslide of content - full of advice, tips and hints on how to best deal with dairy and seize the day 🐮
In our third weekly series, we'll be looking at:
➕ how our dairy digestion can affect gym performance 💪
➕ how our preference for shopping is changing 😋
➕ the increased rate of lactose intolerance within BAME communities 🌍
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Gym Performance: The Facts
The gym can be such an important part of life for a lot of us, allowing us to get healthier, fitter, and happier whilst we’re letting off steam after a long day.
What people may not expect, however, is the thing that may be holding them back in the gym is also what they spend the least time thinking about…
The culprit? Whey Protein 😍
Why Stress About Whey Protein?
Whey protein might be the most popular supplement on the planet!
It’s sold worldwide and has a long list of well documented benefits to your health, lauded by athletes and bodybuilders for the vast array of training and physique improvements it can provide.
The issue, sadly, lies with how it’s made.
Whey is the liquid that separates from milk during the cheese-making process 🧀 the whey is then filtered, refined and dried into whey protein powder.
The obvious issue with being a by-product of cheese is the presence of the unavoidable, yet ever so tasty sugar in milk – LACTOSE.
This is why our toilet can often look the wrong way after a protein shake 😅 as our body fails to digest the abundance of lactose in whey protein, it has a much tougher time absorbing what we need to make every gym session worth it!
There are two obvious solutions to the problem, the first is to decide whether you want to perhaps try a different protein powder, this can be a quick and helpful solution to our digestion, as there are a number of different proteins out, such as pea protein and hemp!
The problem with trying a different protein is it overlooks the many benefits that Whey has, and why it quickly became the global leader in protein powder!
Leading us to our second option - simply taking our tablets before a shake to make sure our body absorbs the whey protein perfectly.
This way, no gym session goes wasted due to poor absorption, especially important if we go to the gym in the morning or straight afterwork! Since these are the times we definitely don’t want to be getting any of the unwanted symptoms that the lactose will bring, such as bloating, abdominal pains and diarrhoea when we’re just trying to enjoy our day 😎
E-commerce: Really Starting to Grow its Wings
Our habits, especially in the UK, are changing! As a nation, we have the highest proportion of e-commerce purchases globally
We are now choosing to spend 40% of our income in e-commerce, with adoption naturally increasing over Covid-19, with Gen Xers and baby boomers accounting for 23 and 17% of e-commerce growth respectively!
Global Lactose Troubles 🌍
70% of the world are lactose intolerant by the time we’re adults. This is due to the fact that as we get older, our natural levels of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose, permanently decreases as we have less need to digest our mother’s milk.
Unfortunately, the rate of lactase deficiency is even higher in Black and Asian communities!
The British Nutrition Foundation estimate that within Black and Asian communities, the rate of lactase deficiency can be almost 100% 🤢
This is due to many families not traditionally consuming milk within family meals, meaning we grow up with little natural resistance to lactose 😓
This means that preparation is even more important! A lactase tablet 10-15 mins before any meal or drink containing dairy will make sure we enjoy every day like we’re meant to 😇
See You Next Week!
Dairy is such an unavoidable and enjoyable fact of life we started a business just so we could focus on it 😎 supplying high quality lactase tablets that ensure you’re prepared for any indulgence, and any occasion, that life might throw at you! 🥳✨
We hope we’ve managed to give some dairy enlightenment on such a dull Tuesday!
See you next week Dairy Dreamers 🤩