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Living with Lactose | Issue V

Living with Lactose | Issue V

June 2021 | Issue V
Living with Lactose 101
Good Evening Dairy Dreamers 🙇🏽‍♂️
Welcome back to the fifth instalment of our weekly series, Living with Lactose!
Here’s to another week full of advice, tips and hints on aiding your digestion and helping our tastebuds explore - letting us all seize the day 🐮
In our fifth weekly series, we'll be exploring:
World Milk Day!
➕ As we live in such a diverse world, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into global hotspots for lactose intolerance, it may help finally answer some family issues 😎
➕ Our Restaurant of the Week: Baskin Robbins & our Indulgence of the Week: Ice Cream!
There's a million ways to maximise one of the world’s most basic, yet important pleasures, and we're here to guide you and keep you informed every step of the way 🕺🏽
Quote of the Week: Unknown Author
Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts!
The Best Day: World Milk Day 😍
World Milk Day has to be our favourite day of the year! It’s celebrated every year on June 1st and was established by the United Nations to recognise the importance of milk as a global food 🌎
So What?
World Milk Day provides us an opportunity to step back and take in just how important dairy continues to be as part of a healthy diet, supporting livelihoods and communities around the world.
The Figures 🥛
The United Nation’s FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) has found that:
More than one billion people’s livelihoods are supported by the dairy sector!
Dairy is consumed by more than six billion people globally – that’s about 80% of the human population!
The Celebrations 🥳
Coronavirus might have made the last few years of celebrations a no-go, but World Milk Day has been increasing in popularity ever since it’s inception!
In 2016, a modest 40 countries celebrated with a host of activities such as marathons, concerts and events focusing on promoting the value of milk and illustrating the important role played by the dairy industry in the global economy!
By 2018, there was an astounding 586 events in 72 countries! With politicians, farmers, chefs, nutritionists and doctors all raising a glass of milk to celebrate 🤩
To this day, #WorldMilkDay has achieved over 1.5 billion impressions on social media, so in case you’re thinking about celebrating next year like us – you’re not alone 😄
Deep Dive: Global Lactose Intolerance 🌎
A recent 2017 study and systematic review conducted by Lancet has helped shed some much-needed light on global estimates for lactose intolerance in adults.
The study underlines how most of us struggle, with the overall estimated frequency of lactose malabsorption around two-thirds of the world’s population.
Northern-European Caucasians, such as the majority of the UK, suffer from less lactose intolerance owing to historical consumption of cow’s milk from ancestors. However, results from studies are still eye-opening, with up to 13 million people (20% of the UK), still unable to digest dairy properly.
As we’re about to see, the UK have it better than most – let’s take a look at the rate of lactose intolerance from some countries across the world:
China – 85%
Italy – 72%
Nigeria – 87%
South Korea – 100%
Turkey – 69%
Ghana – 100%
Colombia – 80%
Ukraine – 61%
Israel – 89%
Canada – 60%
Spain – 29%
Another study found Latin America accounts for 29% of the volume and 21% of the value in terms of lactose-free dairy products. But that’s despite this region only accounting for 6% of the global population.
Looks like they need some of our tablets 😅
Restaurant of the Week: Baskin Robbins 🍨 – 150 UK locations
Baskin Robbins has been a cornerstone of dairy delight for over 65 years, with more than 7,300 retail shops in nearly 50 countries!
Created by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in 1945, the store has grown from a concept of 31 flavours to well over 1,000 different ice cream flavours – some classics include Cotton Candy, Rum Raisin, Mint Chocolate Chip & Cookies ‘n’ Cream 😍
Indulgence of the Week: The Ice Cream 🍦
We would have probably missed a beat if we didn’t take some time to respect the classic, unavoidable, irresistible, and emphatically beautiful creation that is ice cream.
Some sources describe ice cream-like foods as originating in Persia as far back as 550 BCE, whilst others claim that the Roman Emperor Nero had ice collected from the Apennine Mountains to produce the first sorbet mixed with honey and wine.
Over the years, innovation within the ice cream space has been rampant, with newer ice cream parlours recently introducing the liquid nitrogen ice cream – we’ve chosen this type of ice cream as our photo of the day!
See You Next Week!
Dairy is such an unavoidable and enjoyable fact of life we started a business just so we could focus on it 😎 supplying high quality lactase tablets that ensure you’re prepared for any indulgence, and any occasion, that life might throw at you! 🥳✨
We hope we’ve managed to give some dairy enlightenment on such a dull Tuesday!
See you next week Dairy Dreamers 🤩