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Living with Lactose | Issue VIII

Living with Lactose | Issue VIII

June 2021 | Issue VIII

Living with Lactose 101


Good evening Dairy Dreamers 🙇🏽‍♂️

Welcome back to the eighth instalment of our weekly series, Living with Lactose!

Here’s to another week full of advice, tips and hints on aiding your digestion and helping our tastebuds explore - letting us all seize the day 🐮

 In our eighth weekly series, we’re separating science from pseudoscience as we’ll be exploring:

➕ The ways in which we test for intolerances 🧪

➕ The unproven and questionable options we should avoid 🤮

➕ Our Restaurant of the Week: Indico Street Kitchen 🌇 & our Indulgence of the Week: The Lassi 🥛

There's a million ways to maximise one of the world’s most basic, yet important pleasures, and we're here to guide you and keep you informed every step of the way 🕺🏽

 Quote of the Week: Liz Zharovsky

 “If you ever need a list of locations for the best public bathrooms, date a lactose intolerant person.”

Food Trials: Friend or Foe?


Last week, we talked about the rise in claims surrounding food intolerances and the most common tasty triggers that have us suffering, either severely, in the form of an allergy, or more annoyingly, in the form of an intolerance.

We also mentioned how it’s possible we could merely assume we have a food intolerance, when the true cause of our symptoms is something else. 

This would be true for those suffering with coeliac disease, which is an autoimmune disease, rather than an allergy or intolerance.

With coeliac disease, gluten needs to be avoided for life. It can be diagnosed by an ELISA blood test, but as it damages the gut lining, a gut biopsy will give final certainty, evidenced by whether there’s damage to the intestines.


Leaving us with the lasting question

How do we find out exactly what we’re intolerant, or allergic, to?

First Things First: The Natural Ways 😷

 The gleaming, gold standard for identifying all food sensitivities is an elimination diet followed by a challenge phase.

Note: If you feel you have a true allergy. Don’t attempt to re-introduce the food, simply go check with your doctor if you feel you may have outgrown it or would like some certainty.

To start with, it’s important you eliminate the food (or drink) in your life that you feel is causing you issues. Temporary withdrawal symptoms from food groups have been known to occur, so it’s important you stay away from the food(s) you’re eliminating for 2 week(s).

This is where dedication and commitment become important as you’ll be making a note of everything you’re eating and trying to avoid; this can undeniably make restaurants quite difficult!

After two weeks, it’s time for the oral challenge! This is about re-introducing the problem foods one-by-one, so that you can understand any reactions you may have and hopefully pinpoint exactly what’s hurting 😢

Ideally, you should have a family member or friend help you with this so that you can do it blindly, without knowing what’s being tested!


Can’t You Just Tell Me? Modern Tests 🧪

 There are a few companies that sell cheap tests for allergies that can often be found on voucher websites like Wowcher. Many claim to do this from easily gathered samples such as hair or nail clippings.



There is NO scientific evidence for any home-based hair or follicle test that can give you easy results.

The only way to identify an allergy is through a blood sample.

Commonly via ELISA testing, this identifies the IgE antibodies in your system that seem most likely to be causing the trouble, whether this be from nuts, eggs, or even hayfever.

Recent evidence has also shown that ELISA testing can helpfully measure food intolerances through analysis of food-specific IgG antibodies in the system.

At Leaving Lactose, we’ve tried this form of ELISA testing and can happily say it works for us

After our blood was analysed, we received a long list of foods that our bodies didn’t react well to. One of our founders, Seb, discovered his worse intolerances were confirmed when the tests showed he reacted negatively to milk and corn, amongst other surprising foods like pistachio. A clear pain given how tasty all three are, and a partial explanation as to why we set out to fix painful dairy digestion🥰

Despite blood tests providing more established accuracy than many other commercial options and potential scams, their results should still be taken under careful consideration! Your IgG antibody levels will fluctuate daily depending on what you have been eating recently, and this could affect accuracy of results.

Cementing that the best way to test your intolerances will always be a natural one, following an elimination diet and challenge test.


Restaurant of the Week: Indico Street Kitchen 🌇

 Indico Street Kitchen brings the vibrant colours and flavours of Punjab to the UK, with two locations in Birmingham.

Indico pays tribute to Indian street food culture and introduce many to a beautiful world of dairy indulgence, offering everything from Gol Gappa Bombs – pastry shells filled with seasoned potatoes, sweetened yoghurt, chickpeas and mint; to the classic and irresistible mango lassi.


Indulgence of the Week: The Lassi 🥛

 Lassi is a popular traditional yoghurt-based drink that originated in the Punjab region of India. It is a blend of yoghurt, water, spices and sometimes fruit, with an incredibly popular and tasty iteration being the mango lassi, which tastes sweet like a milkshake and is commonly served ice cold.

Lassi’s can also be made sweet with other items such as sugar, rosewater, lemon, strawberry, and other fruit juices! Saffron lassis are a specialty of Rajasthan and Gujarat.



See You Next Week!


Dairy is such an unavoidable and enjoyable fact of life we started a business just so we could focus on it 😎 supplying high quality lactase tablets that ensure you’re prepared for any indulgence, and any occasion, that life might throw at you! 🥳✨

We hope we’ve managed to give some dairy enlightenment with the world finally opening up!

See you next week Dairy Dreamers 🤩