Our Story

Our Story

Will and Seb built Leaving Lactose after realising how many people went through similar problems to them when consuming dairy. With countless trips to McDonalds, ruined pizza nights, and milkshake troubles, Seb didn’t realise he was intolerant until it was pointed out to him during his teenage years. After trying to cut dairy out of his diet, he then realised how many of his favourite foods he'd have to miss out on. Seb looked for other alternatives as he couldn’t give up his love for dairy foods. 

After being unsatisfied with taste, choice, and texture, Seb and Will decided to create a premium strength tablet that would grant fellow sufferers limitless peace of mind. Targeting suitability for the billions worldwide with a dairy intolerance, Leaving Lactose was born.

Leaving Lactose is here so you don’t need to compromise on your diet, or limit any of the pleasures in your life. 

70% of adults are unable to digest dairy properly, but we believe such a staple, highly nutritious offering like dairy, isn't worth giving up on. 

We are committed to offering the best service and education possible for those suffering with intolerances. If you have any questions, feel free to read our FAQ’s section, or drop us an email at info@leavinglactose.com.